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kira emslie


Genie is the singer of the flock as well as a fabulous cook. She can usually be found in the kitchen coming up with delicious recipes whilst singing her heart out. She has a secret love for sparkly ball gowns and strong cocktails which combined with the mopping, makes for wondrous entertainment. She loves to dance and endeavours to keep up with Dotty and Betsy’s glamorous and elegant style.

kelly jago

Co founder and performer

Dotty has the most wonderful sense of style, she makes all her own bespoke outfits and cherishes her fabulous kimono collection. Her favourite designers are Paul Poiret and Coco Chanel. She knows how to stand out from the flock! After a gin or two she’s known to get a bit giddy and break out into spontaneous dance moves: fun and flirty a true flapper girl!


Rebecca ballard

Co founder and performer

She’s a classy lady who likes to dress for the occasion. She loves to go to the ballet and watch old movies, adoring the glamour and elegance of classic Hollywood. She frequents flea markets in search of treasures from bygone times, a magpie at heart she collects and is attracted to anything that shimmers... she is also rather partial to a gin cocktail or fizz and long soaks in the bathtub!

Guest Perfomers

Sometimes the flock expands when Dotty and betsy's friends visit for special occasions, Flamingos love a party!


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